For Life's Code, women, and more precisely the Feminine, hold a predominant place to impact transformation and deploy its commitment to humanity.

Indeed, she is cyclical, welcoming change in her intimacy through her menstrual cycles, through motherhood… Her body, her emotions, her moods are in constant motion. It transmits life and its secrets, but above all, it accompanies the passage between worlds…

The Feminine is the first point of reference for every new human being who arrives on Earth and will be a player in tomorrow’s world.

Taking care of women means taking care of all humanity! It’s about giving them the means to realize their full potential, to be cared for and treated well, so that they can offer the world their beauty and kindness!

Life’s code has chosen to help women…. and is committed to them every day!

The Feminine is in everyone, whether male or female, like Yin and Yang! The Feminine is in constant search of harmony, beauty and balance. Change will manifest itself in all its depths when the path towards union between the Feminine and Masculine is initiated in each of us, in our deepest intimacy. Because what’s on the outside is also on the inside.

The Feminine initiates change, the Masculine anchors it.

A woman’s environment, her state of physical and mental health, and the way she is positioned in society are essential keys to moving the whole world forward.

We offer a wide range of workshops and courses to help you gently and consciously explore all aspects of the Feminine, motherhood and the intimate relationship between the Feminine and Masculine.

Courses and workshops: for whom?

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