Spirulina, phycocyanin & vitamins

Why is protein so important for good health?

Everyone knows that protein is an essential macro-food for our constitution (hair, muscles, skeleton, hormones, enzymes, etc.) and that it is vital to our survival, but when we talk about "essential amino acids" it becomes much more abstract...

To eat well and age well, you need to understand what amino acids are used for.

To simplify matters, let’s compare proteins to words and amino acids to letters.

To write the word “ZEN”, I need a Z, an E and an N. If I don’t have an E, I’ll never be able to write the word “ZEN”, even if I have thousands of Zs and thousands of Ns.

It’s the same for proteins: the body needs a large stock of each amino acid to be able to write the proteins it needs to function.

There are 9 so-called “essential” amino acids that the body is unable to produce on its own, and for which it must rely on external dietary supplements. These amino acids are found in large quantities in all animal and animal products, such as meat, fish, eggs and dairy products. They are also present in plant associations (legumes + cereals or legumes + oilseeds).

To ensure the normal functioning of all our systems, our diet must therefore include a sufficient intake of animal proteins (or proteins of animal origin) every day, or a combination of plant proteins.

If this is not the case, our body, which is ‘deficient’, will go and look for these famous essential amino acids in secondary peripheral tissues (e.g. skin, hair, nails), to reuse them where the priority is.

This phenomenon is called compensation. It is possible to compensate for several years without affecting health, but after a while, the body can no longer function normally because it has become too deficient through this mechanism of “self-destruction” of its own tissues.

What about vegetarian, vegan and vegan diets?

The diet of vegetarians and vegans bans meat and fish and all animal products, which can lead to long-term protein deficiencies if the diet is not balanced in terms of protein. It is essential to ensure that your diet contains the right amount of essential amino acids through plant-based combinations if there is no source of animal protein.

Are eggs the protein of the future?

Eggs are an interesting protein because they do not kill the animal and are the only animal protein that has the potential to give life. This means that everything is there in the egg. What’s more, as it is a single cell, it produces little waste (purines).

Gone are the days of battery farming and the mistreatment of hens that have never seen the light of day or scratched the ground in their lives, but let’s talk about the hens in our gardens, in our neighbours’ backyards…

Chickens roaming free in the open air, scratching the ground and being fed our kitchen peelings. The hen lays an egg every day (or almost every day), which she will not incubate if it is not the right time. If nobody takes this egg, it will be left in the wild. Wouldn’t that be a gift?

Eggs really are worth thinking about… it’s a good idea to eat them boiled or fried, as long as the yolk remains runny to preserve the vitamins and healthy fats they contain.

Spirulina, a protein-packed superfood

There are a whole host of plant-based protein powders and substitutes based on soya, hemp, rice, etc., which will provide good support when you eat little protein. They can be added on a daily basis to dishes low in vegetable or animal proteins, but are not sufficient to replace protein.

Spirulina is a superfood in its own right! It's a micro-algae that's highly prized for its many health benefits, and is a good support for everyone, especially vegans and vegetarians.

A plant source rich in protein

Spirulina is a micro-algae that contains a large amount of vegetable protein, around 65% of its dry weight. It provides all the essential amino acids our body needs to function properly. Note that it does not make up for all the recommended daily intake, but reinforces a low-protein diet.

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High iron and calcium content

Spirulina is also rich in iron and calcium, two minerals often less present in vegetarian and vegan diets. Iron is essential for the production of red blood cells and the transport of oxygen in the body, while calcium is necessary for healthy bones and teeth.

The presence of vitamin B12

Vitamin B12, also known as cobalamin, is essential for the proper functioning of the nervous system and cell division. It is generally absent from plant-based foods, but can be found in small quantities in certain algae, including spirulina. However, studies on the vitamin B12 content of spirulina are contradictory, as most were carried out on spirulina dried at over 42°C, the temperature at which vitamins are denatured.

Long-lasting protein support

Producing spirulina above ground in a warm climate requires few resources (water and electricity) and does not damage the land, making it a sustainable alternative to meat and animal products. It avoids the organic and carbon emissions of traditional livestock farming. Spirulina does not emit greenhouse gases and even captures carbon, nitrogen and carbon dioxide. It produces and releases large quantities of oxygen into the atmosphere.

Protein is an essential foodstuff for our proper functioning.

The daily presence of the 9 essential amino acids is essential for a healthy life. We need to pay close attention to the composition of our plates every day to make sure we don't miss out on this family of nutrients. Eggs are a very good alternative for people who eat little or no animal protein. Protein superfoods, including spirulina, are a good way to help you get the daily dose of protein you need.

Protein is life...!

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