How will the “Naître à la femme” training enable you to transform your relationship with yourself on a daily basis?

For teenagers and women of all ages, Life’s Code has created the “Naître à la femme” training course. This training course delivers all the information we all wish we’d received at the start of our lives as women, so that we can unfold our full potential and embody our feminine nature on a daily basis.


  • Learn all about how the female cycle works, and how to analyze and observe it. You’ll know how to turn your cycle into a real force
  • The path to natural contraception
  • Discuss gynaecological disorders
  • Receive all the keys to unlocking your feminine potential
  • Better understand the functions and roles of the perineum to make it a real support system
  • Free your emotions and explore your feminine memories
  • Feel the awakening to the energy of the Sacred Feminine and experience women’s circles
  • Ask all your questions

Exercises, tips, exchanges, body explorations and testimonials
2 days to go deep inside yourself…

Why take part in training
“Born to woman”?

  • To understand your physiological and emotional functioning and deploy the right energy according to what is happening during the phases of your cycle!

During the training course, you’ll discover the different phases that drive you each month and understand how to tame them in your daily life. You’ll learn not to exhaust yourself by fighting against these internal movements, but instead to optimize them to magnify your resources. Whether you’re menstruating or menopausal, you’ll find the keys to more fluid, conscious unfolding.

  • To maximize your chances of conceiving or, on the contrary, find the contraception that suits you best

You’ll receive all the information you need to familiarize yourself with the different contraceptive methods and find the one that suits you best, and to improve your fertility if you so wish.

  • To learn more about the Feminine and its liberation

You’ll travel into your depths. Truly rich and precious moments of connection to your deepest energy. You’ll take care of your feminine side and explore how to be fairer and more authentic with yourself. How to free yourself…

  • Harmonize the union of feminine and masculine and help change the world

Whether in our inner couple or in our outer relationships, you’ll explore the mechanisms that come into play between the Masculine and the Feminine in order to harmonize them.

The world is what it is because the Feminine has been oppressed, bruised, mistreated and violated by the Masculine. Despite modern times, it’s still going on… Let’s put women back in the picture in its rightful place and give it the openness, space and grandeur to be free…


For all women, from puberty onwards.


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Laetitia Guern

  • Founder of Life’s Code
  • State-qualified midwife in 2009
  • Naturopath graduated in 2016, registered with Omnes n*1775
  • Trainer at the Institut de Naturopathie Humaniste in Paris
  • Lecturer at the European University Diploma in Naturopathy in Casablanca
  • Accompanies women in their cyclicality, in natural contraception, in their fertility journey, towards reconnection with the Feminine.


  • 9 months before, 9 months during, 9 months after” 3-day course. It offers all the natural keys to support your body and mind from pre-conception to post-partum, so you can experience motherhood with peace of mind and confidence.
  • 3-day seminar in maternity wards for healthcare professionals, for a break from the daily grind.
  • 2-hour workshops that can be integrated into a daily routine.
  • Conferences and online training.

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