The founder of Life's Code

Life’s Code is a French company founded in April 2019 by Laëtitia Guern, a former midwife turned naturopath.

Indeed, after more than 5 years of hospital service, Laëtitia felt the need to explore childbirth and the “creation” of families beyond the birthing room. Driven by this thirst to see the bigger picture and accompany the living with more keys and more time to devote to patients, she embarked on a two-year training course in naturopathy.

After graduating, and strengthened by a number of additional training courses and experiences, she naturally devoted herself to accompanying women, children and families as they grew together. At the same time, she became a teacher at a prestigious naturopathy school in Paris: theInstitut de Naturopathie Humaniste, where she passed on her knowledge as a midwife on the subjects of perinatal care, gynecology and pediatrics.

Brand history

Already passionate about spirulina for several years, Laëtitia often recommends it to the women she accompanies… But what a responsibility it is to recommend spirulina to a pregnant woman! So Laëtitia embarked on a major mission: to find the spirulina of her dreams… the brand she could confidently recommend! And so began the Life’s Code adventure!

After visiting numerous farms and studying the advantages and disadvantages of the various spirulina production methods, Laëtitia fell in love with spirulina and came to the conclusion that the holistic spirulina of her dreams did not yet exist and that to be confident in recommending it to her pregnant patients or those planning pregnancy, the only (unexpected) solution was to control production from start to finish! Without knowing it at the time, a crazy human adventure was beginning: to find the ideal location, team and materials, but also break away from conformism by letting ourselves be guided by the universal laws of life. “Everything is already before our eyes, all we have to do is accept to see and observe how nature has built itself with the greatest of perfections”… Little by little, Life’s Code came to life in the invisible.

Accompanied by her partner and a team of woofers who took turns for several months, the first vibratory spirulina production site saw the light of day in 2018 at the foot of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, in the heart of nature. Phycocyanin came very quickly to Life’s Code… It’s hard not to be speechless in the face of such an encounter.

Life has taken its course, enriched daily by many experiences and testimonies to constantly evolve and realign. Laëtitia has changed her whole outlook on healthcare since this profound encounter with the origins of life on Earth. Today, his practice is enhanced by the power of micro-algae to have created the living.

Life's Producers

Today, ne work in close collaboration with our on-site Life’s Producers, who put so much love into pampering our little cyanobacteria. Spirulina can flourish in “warm” water, thanks to the heat of the sun and far from any nuisance or pollution.

Since the pandemic, other partnerships with committed producers who are in the process of obtaining organic certification and/or transitioning to our “Vibratory Spirulina” specifications are being set up in France and Europe. We’ll tell you all about them very soon! For the phycocyanin part, we also work with three ISO22000 and GMP-certified laboratories located in Spain and France, which guarantee the impeccable quality of our precious blue capsules.

les origines de la vie sur Terre Life's Code

Growing spirulina, an ecological and sustainable choice

Friend of the environment

Spirulina is the crop that consumes the least water, since only the evaporation from the ponds is compensated for! Soil-less cultivation preserves the soil and converts atmospheric carbon into oxygen.

The richest food in the world

Thanks to its high vitamin, mineral, protein and iron content, spirulina alone is sufficient for survival. She "returns" at a time when the world has never needed her more. For our part, we do everything we can to make it even better.

Research & Development

A very large part of our budget is allocated to research and development, so that we can constantly improve and be more respectful of spirulina and our customers. Whether in terms of actions, packaging or communication media.

Our commitments

You are the source of change

All our actions are carried out as far as possible with respect for life.

We put conscience into all our decisions, analyzing situations and their possible repercussions on our environment. Not everything is perfect, and we're constantly striving to improve, to move towards...

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