Live food supplements with spirulina and phycocyanin

We specialize in the most undifferentiated and essential dietary supplements available. Our expertise is based on years of clinical practice in the medical field and observation of the laws of life. Our conclusion: the more undifferentiated the element, the broader and deeper its spectrum.

When we lose our way, we go back to the last point before we lost our way in order to find it again… When the body malfunctions, how can we go back any further than by rediscovering the origins of life on Earth: micro-algae! They are the origin of all living kingdoms!

OUR ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Spirulina, Phycocyanin, Omega 3, Magnesium, Vitamin C

All our products are guaranteed free from preservatives, GMOs and ionization, gluten, lactose, heavy metals, allergens, added flavorings and colorings. They have not been tested on animals and are eco-designed with respect.

Phycocyanine lyophilisée

Freeze-dried phycocyanin

Bio-assimilable freeze-dried phycocyanin, extracted and cold-dried to preserve its qualities. Ultra-high concentration of 200 mg per dose. Suitable for all...

DHA algal (oméga 3)

Algal DHA (omega 3)

Docosahexaenoic acid from Schizochitrium micro-algae. 100% vegan and free of heavy metals, Life's Code DHA is completely plant-based...

Spiruline vibratoire : haute qualité

Vibratory Spirulina

Cold-dried vibratory spirulina is very different. It is cultivated according to the Spirulina Vibratory specifications with a great deal of awareness...

Vitamine C liposomale​

Liposomal vitamin C

Liposomal vitamin C is much more easily assimilated by the intestine than conventional forms of vitamin C. Acid-free, easy to use and with a neutral taste...

Bisglycinate de magnésium

Magnesium bisglycinate

Magnesium bisglycinate is one of the most easily assimilated carriers of magnesium. It is very well tolerated by the intestinal mucosa as it is chelated...

Nos autres actifs

Our other assets

We have chosen cutting-edge synergistic active ingredients to accompany and enhance our phycocyanin. All assets have been ethically and conscientiously sourced...

The strengths of our phycocyanin

La phycocyanine en gélules et liquide

Phycocyanin is a blue phyto-pigment found in spirulina. This pigment, present since the first breath of life on Earth, cannot be assimilated by dry spirulina, which is why its extraction restores its full potential. Phycocyanin is thought to be at the origin of the differentiation of living organisms, acting as a bridge between primitive plant and animal lineages and helping to make life possible on Earth thanks to its invaluable role in photosynthesis...

The highest concentration of assimilable phycocyanin on the market

Our phycocyanin is ultra concentrated at 200 mg per dose! This is 5 to 20 times more than the competition.

gélule en pullulan végane

A pullulan vegetarian capsule: the healthiest vegan envelope available today

Pullulan is derived from tapioca fermentation. This is the tightest skin to protect the active ingredients from oxidation. It is completely natural and dissolves quickly.

Phycocyanine sans aucun additif ni excipient

No additives or excipients = 100% pure

Our phycocyanin capsules contain only freeze-dried spirulina extract, highly concentrated in phycocyanin. Contains no preservatives, sugar, alcohol, coloring agents or flavoring...

Phycocyanine et spiruline extraite et séchée à froid

Cold extraction and drying!

To preserve its structural and nutritional qualities, our phycocyanin is cold-extracted and freeze-dried. So it's not subjected to any thermal stress!

Why choose Life's Code?

Our priority is your satisfaction!

What is quality? It's respect. It's the right intention in the choices made. It's knowing your limits and knowing why you're here and what you have to offer! We offer you the very first molecules at the basis of all life: magnified and formulated to support you in your daily life, with a coherent price, eco-responsible packaging and advice adapted to each individual.

Because with change comes...

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For your first order, you'll receive 30 minutes of personalized telephone advice from our team of naturopaths to help you make the most of your cure and lay the foundations for change! This is not a consultation and is not a substitute for medical or naturopathic care.

How to proceed?

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Essential food supplements for a healthy routine!

Top-of-the-range holistic food supplements, concentrated in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, for all needs and profiles.

Tests urinaires d’ovulation – LH


Un outil indispensable pour la femme!

  • Détectent l'ovulation avec précision (24-48h avant)
  • Faciles d'utilisation
  • Pour connaître son corps, définir sa période de conception, accompagner sa contraception ou sa péri-ménopause
  • Conviennent à toutes les femmes dès les premières règles jusqu'à la ménopause.

Cure chiens et chats – 60 gélules

40 avis

1 dose = 200 mg de spiruline + 20 mg de phycocyanine

Deux formats unique :  1 flacon ou 3 flacons de 60 gélules en pullulan NOTRE EXCELLENCE :
  • Phycocyanine active et biodisponible pure 20 mg par dose !
  • Spiruline végane de qualité cultivée dans le respect de la vie.
  • Gélules végétales en pullulan naturelles et protectrices de nos actifs (pas d'HPMC!)
  • Façonnage dans un laboratoire spécialisé certifié BIO, ISO22000 et GMP


Livraison gratuite en point relais en France, en Belgique et au Luxembourg à partir de 59€

DHA 100% Algal – Oméga 3

463 avis
  • Un DHA haut de gamme entièrement végétal issu du Schizochytrium
  • 250 mg par dose = 100% des VNR
  • Une huile de DHA pure, non filtrée car absence de métaux lourds dans l'eau de culture
  • Intransigeance dans toutes les étapes de la production
  • Capsules véganes, protectrices de notre huile de micro-algues
  • Protection de la faune marine : aucun poisson tué ni phytoplancton marin prélevé !
  • 100% fabriqué et conditionné en France

Pack Booster : Phyco-éléments + Phycocyanine nature

423 avis
Le prix initial était : €209.90.Le prix actuel est : €189.90.
  • Phycocyanine active et biodisponible pure très concentrée : 400 mg par dose ! 
  • Oligo-éléments hautement assimilables grâce à nos transporteurs organiques
  • 100% des VNR* pour les principaux oligo-éléments

Pack Booster Intensif : Spiruline + Phyco-Éléments + Phycocyanine nature

497 avis
Le prix initial était : €265.90.Le prix actuel est : €239.90.

1 dose = 1 gélule de phycocyanine nature 200 mg + 2 gélules de Phyco-Éléments (200 mg de phycocyanine avec 100% des VNR* des principaux oligo-éléments sous forme assimilable) + 3 g de spiruline vibratoire.

  • Phycocyanine active et biodisponible pure très concentrée : 400 mg par dose ! 
  • Oligo-éléments hautement assimilables grâce à nos transporteurs organiques
  • Spiruline vibratoire séchée à froid, 100% végane
Composition cure de 3 mois :
  • 180 gélules en pullulan de Phyco-Éléments : phycocyanine (200 mg par dose) + Oligo-éléments (100% des VNR)
  • 90 gélules en pullulan de Phycocyanine nature (200 mg par gélule)
  • 270 g de Spiruline Vibratoire en comprimés de 500 mg ou 300 g de Spiruline Vibratoire en brindilles

Phyco 200 : Phycocyanine lyophilisée nature 200 mg

799 avis
  • Phycocyanine lyophilisée active et biodisponible pure très concentrée : 200 mg par dose ! 
  • Intransigeance dans toutes les étapes de la production
  • Extraction 100% à froid
  • Séchage 100% à froid par lyophilisation
  • Aucun additif (pas de conservateur, pas de sucre, pas d'arômes,..)


255 avis
  • Phycocyanine lyophilisée active et biodisponible pure très concentrée : 200 mg par dose ! 
  • Oligo-éléments hautement assimilables grâce à nos transporteurs organiques
  • 100% des VNR* pour les principaux oligo-éléments


234 avis
  • Phycocyanine lyophilisée pure très concentrée : 200 mg par dose !
  • Des actifs hautement assimilables :  180 mg d'acide hyaluronique + 100 mg de silicium organique + 80 mg de Coenzyme Q10, 8 mg d'Astaxanthine + 10 mg de Zinc + 55 microgrammes de Sélénium.

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